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Golf Sky said:
I put down my deposit last week for a new SKY. As I understand the process, this deposit merely gets me 5th in line for when the next image is available to this dealer. I actually put down the deposit with a dealer 100 miles north of here, as they are the largest Saturn dealership organization in the state of Wisconsin (they have 6 stores with large volume), so I hope that improves their SKY allocations. In any case, the dealer believes that mid to late August will be the projected delivery date. :thumbs:

I also put down a deposit with the local Saturn dealership in SE Wisconsin(they have four stores). Unfortunately, they said that I could not get a SKY until spring 2007, as their 2006 allocations are sold out. :banghead:

I don't know who to believe. :confused: Based on the posts in this forum, I think I should believe no one. Can any of the veteran posters on this forum provide any guidance?

In any case, I remain excited about eventually getting a SKY.
OK I won't get into fractions here...
10,000 SKYs to be built
500 dealers
If all were equal --- every dealer would get 20 cars
Warm weather states sell more convertibles (so they get more cars)
Big number sales get you more cars

So -- you are from WI and I am IL -- let's call it even weather wise and your Saturn Store let's say sells as many as the Store I go to does -- so they would get 10 cars (Usually multiple store owners are about even -- so if yours [like mine] owns 6 Stores he'd get 10 per store)
First image came up in Jan (I am basing this on 10 cars) 2 - Feb 2 - Mar 2 - Apr 2 - etc until they are gone. . .
So a smaller store, lets say got 5 cars -- so he'd image only 1 per month..

Sound OK??
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