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Hey Golf Howz It Bro!

Golf Sky said:
In any case, the dealer believes that mid to late August will be the projected delivery date. :thumbs:

I also put down a deposit with the local Saturn dealership in SE Wisconsin(they have four stores). Unfortunately, they said that I could not get a SKY until spring 2007, as their 2006 allocations are sold out. :banghead:

I don't know who to believe. Can any of the veteran posters on this forum provide any guidance?

In any case, I remain excited about eventually getting a SKY.

Aloha Golf....

First off...Saturn and GM don't get anything good out of bull$hiting you...So I don't believe they are pulling your leg...

It looks to be good information they are giving you...Saturn dealerships and the sales people are seriously fed up with the Sky at least what my dealership and sale people are saying to me and they are being honest.

They have customers calling them and coming in asking "Where is my sky?" "When is it going to be here?" Day after day after day! I think they wish GM and Saturn never made the Sky :willy:

This is a new time for Saturn and dealerships are not use to all this crazyness over one of their cars!

Try to chill out and give it some time...many of us have been waiting months and months for ours...It just isn't in GM's and Saturns best interest to be Bull crapping you and the rest of us.

As for not getting a sky until spring you know many of the Skys (allocations) are sold already...If you get imaged "ALOHA" to you! :cheers:

But if it comes to a point where you have lost all hope and it just doesn't seem like you're going to get your sky unless you wait until spring 2007 you still have a chance to get a dealership DEMO. It may have some miles on it but I wouldn't expect over 600. Hey, maybe somone will get sick of waiting allowing you to move up to be imaged...You never know bro...Just keep yourself informed like we've been doing on here...Knowledge is power.

So..."HANG IN THERE GOLF" if you're meant to get a Sky over the next 3 months or so it will happen...if wasn't meant to be right now...

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