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Hot dang it skipper, looks what is waiting fer ya in heaven..:eek:

Now don't ya'll go abusing this fine angel, and you better NOT drink all the booze.. I want some meself when I git up thar, and it just wouldn't be right if all the good stuff is gone b'fore I git up thar..:lol::cheers:

PS: I nos about hacking up that green shlt.. Have had a cold for over 2 weeks, every morn, same ole crap.. blah, donno iffen my crap can glue anything, but it surnoof taste like shlt..

Stay healthy my friend, and no worries, the good Lord has a special seat fer yer ass... I'll see ya soon...:thumbs:

PSS: I just ta borrow that pic of that HOT :cheers::cheers:angel..
21 - 21 of 21 Posts