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My video of the last Pontiac Solstice/KAPPA being made. I worked at the plant during the entire KAPPA production as a vendor. During the last week of production we were allowed to bring our cameras in, thus my video. I showed it for the first and only time at the 9TH ANNUAL 2014 NASSM when I was the guest speaker at Saturday nights dinner. And now on You Tube as its time for everybody to see the end of and era. I took about 8 hours of HD video and around 1,400 stills. I plan to post more later on. I did get the signed Solstice book to the cars owner as a plant employee knew him and gave me his contact info. We've spoken and he loves the car. It was his wife's idea to buy the last Solstice. Nobody ordered it. They contacted the selling dealer in Texas, bought it, he flew down and drove it home to Michagan. They have removed the trunk cover to reveal the employee signatures at cruise nights. I gave him many pictures and some video. Have not been able to contact them in years. Wonder if they still own it? I also had a Solstice book signed for the last coupe owner. Have not been able to find them. I still have the book.

Here's my comment I posted with the video.
Video of the last car made at GM's Boxwood Road assembly plant in Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday July 28, 2009. It was a 2009 Pontiac Solstice convertible. I had many employees sign “THE PONTIAC SOLSTICE BOOK” that I donated and later gave to the buyer. The car received many signatures from employees as they built it. Usually in places hidden after assembly, like the trunk lid, or not. The engine/frame area received the most. With the car raised after the front fascia was installed it's beautiful body lines glowed. The hammer was used to adjust the mounting bracket to specs to fit fascia properly.
The plant held tours for Solstice and Saturn Sky owners. Now they returned for their last plant visit, now known as the Farewell Tour. They were invited to come in and see the last one being made as it started down final line. To show their appreciation they handed out free T shirts to the workers. It was a special moment that we'll never forget. I donated the Solstice Die cast model and had employees sign it and gave it to the Solstice new owner (a GM employee). I had bought four of these silver Solstice models a month before not knowing what color the last real one would be.
The outside tripod group was Quality Department personnel getting ready to re-do a photo shoot around the last car. They removed the seat covers, window sticker and lowered the top to replicate their picture with the first Solstice in that spot.
The 2nd time it came down care line the signatures were deemed too much and some were removed. On its 3rd and last time down care line I went under it to capture details before it went out the door for the last time.
Finally outside, I rode shotgun with the Bob for its last ride, parking behind four coupes. I watched him shut it down, got out and remarked it was a good run. The next day I happened to see the shipping drivers arrive to get that last Solstice and a coupe. Before getting in one driver is heard saying, “ no need to hurry now”. And they drove off into the shipping lot, the sunset, and our memories.
On June 21, 2014 I was blessed to be the guest speaker at the 9TH ANNUAL 2014 NASSM (NORTH AMERICAN SOLSTICE SKY MEET) in Bushkill, PA. where I showed them this video. Its time to share it with all who love these KAPPA cars. Thank you for buying them and visiting our plant. We will never forget you.
Stan Kaminski
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