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This is how a dealer should be! Confusing VOM, however... Please advise

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After reading the horror stories others have experienced, I decided to email my Saturn dealership and ask some questions (what is my VOM, where am I on the waiting list, do you add charges, etc). Today I was happy to have an email back from them and thought I'd share it with you all.

Mr. [Me]
Thank you for your inquiry. Your VOM number for your 2007 Saturn Sky special order is # KFFZRQ.
Your exact position on the waiting list is # 11 as of June 5, 2006. This is subject to change by the factory.
Our allotment for the Sky Roadsters on special order is month to month so it is difficult to advise you in regard to the rest of the year.
No stickers or holes will be drilled into the car when it arrives. All new Saturns receive a free polish at the time of delivery. You can rest assured there are no negative surprises with Saturn. On rare occasions, there are positive surprises like free computers one very cold February years ago. That was a nice surprise.
We are number one in Sales Satisfaction and plan to stay that way.
Thank you for joining the Saturn family and best regards,
[My salesman]

So there you have it... it appears my dealer is one of the good guys! :thumbs:

My VOM has me confused, I thought it should be a number. Does anyone know what it means?:confused:
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SKY Spy (a dealer) said the order # is just random letters with no particular meaning.

I found this quote funny:
You can rest assured there are no negative surprises with Saturn.
yeah... almost ALL or the negative surprises are from the DEALER... not "Saturn". Hope what the dealer DIDN'T say won't cause you "negative surprises" when the car is delivered to the shop. :D
My family has bought 2 cars from the company that owns this dealership and have had great experiences. The cars were actually Volvos and both were sold below sticker. My salesman has been wonderful and there was never any talk of other packages or trying to "upsell" me. They've been open and honest from the beginning and rapid in responding to me.

The internet is a valuable tool for communication, the problem is that it's often only the negative comments that get posted. A great example is the new Xbox 360 (I know, not a car but bear with me). When it was released lots of people got online and complained saying it was overheating. Before long there were news articles about it and everyone assumed the machine was defective. I got my 360 at midnight the day it was released, so I have a first run machine and it's NEVER overheated. Ultimately, at the end of all the hype (panic?), the overheating issues were often not the fault of Microsoft (it pains me to say that), and that the vast majority of machines weren't showing symptoms. Why the fear of a recall? When bad things happen, people talk. When good things happen, people are too busy enjoying their good fortune and never say a word about it.

Aside from asking about my order number, I wanted to post a positive story about dealer/customer interation. I know bad things happen to people, and that not every dealer is full of sunshine and perfume. Thing is, after the past deals that went well with this company, I read enough stories to be worried enough to question them. I think it's important for people considering the purchase of a SKY to know they aren't necessarily going to be ripped off by the dealer, but they DO need to know what kinds of questions to ask (which is where the horror stories are great). So please don't reply and say I'm against telling the bad stories, they have a great value and I almost with this forum would keep a list of dealers (verified) that have charged over MSRP for the car. I just fear chasing off potential future SKY owners.

/Bracing for the backlash
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Axel said:
SKY Spy (a delear) said the order # is just random letters with no particular meaning.
Yep!!! Just a random alphanumeric set of 6. These are generated by DealerWorld when the Preliminary Order is Accepted by the System. :thumbs:


:willy: BA :willy:
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