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Today I lost all Hope of getting a Sky

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My Saturn dealership does not give good hope on getting a sky when it first comes out. They told me they are only going to get 2 a month and whichever salesmans customer gets there first is who gets the car. They seemed so sure you won't be able to order it, that they will just get some in and you have to take what you get. This makes me mad since I have been on their list for over a year now. I will get sooooooo mad if someone who just recently found out about the car gets one before me. I think that each dealership should have made up only one master list(interested buyers) for this car, first come first serve.
Since it doesn't look like I will be getting one in 2006 I think I might try and get a new audi TT 2005 while they still have them, since they are not making the 2006 in cali. I don't want to loose my chance at that because I am sick of waiting and I don't want to have to wait now until 2007 to get a new car. I have been in this wait since I found out about the Solstice. :banghead:
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It probably isn't your dealer. It's in the San Gabriel Valley. When I went there last year they seemed soooooooo nice. Today they seemed like cocky jerks hee hee hee I feel better now that I got that out. I really can't go anywhere else now because it's too late, there are already about a million people wanting this car. I am sure I would be last on any other dealers list now. Okay I will keep the faith and if I don't get the car I will just choose my second choice :)
Thanks maybe I will try yours hee hee Don't you think I wouldn't have much of a chance now though????? I could try the Cerritos one too. Did you know the Cerritos Saturn is going to have the car on 12/9 and 12/10? Hey Angel what color sky was at your dealer? I couldn't go because I was sick.
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