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I picked up my baby on 6/7 and she was back to the dealer on 6/10:brentil:

The top was stuck in the DOWN position:eek: and I have no garage to protect her from foul weather. (under-construction, just for her)

There is a threaded arm assembly which has come loose from its mounting and will poke into the back of the passenger head rest if the top is raised past the 50% range:willy:

I drove back to the dealer yesterday afternoon:confused: I was greeted by the General Manager, Sales Manager and my Salesman before I could get into the showroom. They are great, they were so concerned and really pampered me:) . The General Manager took control and assured me this would be treated as priority 1 and she promised the work would only be performed by the Service Manager and it would be his 1st / Top priority on Monday morning:thumbs: .

Having spent the entire day from about 8am till 5pm riding :driving: around with the top down on a beautiful sunny day in the low 80's, I am sporting a bright red :mad: hue upon my arms neck and face, so maybe it was a good thing to have to take today off.......:rolleyes:

I know its not my dealers fault, but I am real lucky to have brought my baby from one of the best Saturn dealership in the country..Saturn of West Broad (Richmond, VA)

I'll let you know how the story ends.....

BTW: Since I am the 5th SKY owner in the Richmond,VA area.........if you are in Virginia, drop me a message!:cheers:
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