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TPW Question

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So when you get a TPW of June 19th is the 19th the start of the week or the end?

Like...could my car be built now if the TPW is the 19th?

1 - 9 of 9 Posts put things into perspective...I had a TPW of 5/22, and my car wasn't built until 5/30...or so they tell me. Rick also had a TPW of 5/22, and his car was built on 5/26. So based on that, I would say the date they give you is the beginning of that TPW.
The ones I have seen are all Mondays -- so I am going the begining of the week...:D
my TPW was the 5th and then on the 6th it was done?? so who know!
My guess is also that the TPW date is the begining of the week since it seems to be a Monday. I'm hoping mine gets built then. I'm back to getting tired of waiting. I want to drive.:driving:
Oh yeah it is a Monday!!!

I am so stupid...thanks guys

So next week she will be born. I think I shall name her Shakira...have you seen that new video???!!! I would almost trade my Sky for...ummm, family forum, Nevermind.
I had a TPW of 2/3/06 and was built 03/14/06.:thumbs:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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