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Yesterday as I was dropping my car off for the week, a full truck of Kappa's came stopped out front. Of all times not to have my camera!!! :banghead: There were no RedLines or GXPs onboard. 2 red sky's, a red Sol, green/tan sky, yellow sol, some silver sky's and sols and the graphite & black that was dropped off.

Anyway, two were dropped off. One was a black with tan and the other was silver graphite with black premium trim. Both had chrome rims and spoilers.

Both were also backed out of by the potential buyers before their arrival... one to wait on a redline, the other juct backed out.

The black one was sold in 2 hours to a guy NY City which is 3 hours away from here. They other one, a silver graphite with black premium, 6 disc Monsoon, spoiler & chrome rims is still available as of 5pm today.

When it came off the truck I asked the finance guy if he swung the by one get one free financing for me. Too bad that was a no.. lol :jester:
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