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First the wife's 2013 BMW had an inlet failure along the accordion tube, I said wow, BMW really doubled down on planned obsolescence. Then started hearing weird whistling noises from my Sky.

Just replace it with this kit from eBay - RED BLACK AIR INTAKE KIT FIT 2007-2009 PONTIAC SOLSTICE GXP 2.0L TURBOCHARGED | eBay

Or get the RPM motorsports or DDM works cold air intake kit.

Cleans up the engine bay, turbo makes whoosh noises, and no more whistling or decel pops.

Just going to add a bunch of pics, it's pretty straight forward, ask questions if you have any.

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PCV hose connection after dremling off, wear eye protection!
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Cold air intake as it arrived. Gave seller 5 stars because it's actually pretty kick ass.

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Check around for any burrs or flashing, and just remove them by hand before sucking into your turbo or engine (I had one burr)

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Start test fitting where these parts are best angled and tightened down.

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Continued (just pics)

Angled properly, and clears hood, PCV is now connected.

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Can see a bit of the front bracket they supplied, I just bent it and had it keep the air filter tight against the OEM cold air area/shroud.

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Closer pic of the bracket, it doesn't really attach to the filter, just keeps it down so it doesn't hit the hood or flop around.
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All done.

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The acordian piece on the factory intake is ugly.

I've never actually seen someone e throw on one of those eBay intakes. I'd be interested to know what it likes like after 6 months ths of driving and to hear your thoughts on it. Both on how it keeps its shine, and if you run into any issues.

DDM makes a nice replacement for the factory plastic tube too:


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Ok it's been about 3 weeks. Have to update in case anyone else bought it. It needs a slight mod due to how the MAF sampling tube works with our ECM and general fluid dynamics.

This kit has a MAF tube but its ID is 2.9" straight through. This will cause LTFT to go past +25% and give you a P0101 and eventually limp/no boost mode unless you reset via Torque Pro or other process after 20-30 miles. I had to reset about 5 times since we last spoke, and man, that's enough.

Bought a couple different items to test/compare with and then return. Kept the solutions.

Kept this 75mm MAF tube, it's great!

This MAF tube's inlet is 2.78" ID. Outlet is 2.87" ID. A tiny bit larger than OEM but overall exactly the same design. Don't believe me, measure the OEM airbox tube internal diameter inlet and outlet. It matches the length as well.

LTFT is now at +14% (with eBay/Amazon CAI kit) instead of 25+ and check engine light/limp mode like a straight tube or +5% on stock airbox.

Knock is zero to minimal (brief 2 KR on Torque Pro rarely at WOT in 4th) with an RPM Motorsports tune on the Saturn Sky. The extra size and slightly leaner WOT creates a large performance and drivability difference considering all of the other stage 2 components are there (RPM Downpipe, charge pipes, upgraded K04 turbo).

The finish is near perfect, no burrs or weird welds. MAF sensor mating surface fits like a glove and seals perfectly. However it's short, so you may want a few other components. You can either cut half the CAI MAF tube and buy a 3" coupler to connect to included Spectre filter, or extend the filter or K&N filter to where you want it so it doesn't vibrate or move, and have even better airflow.

If you want to create your own CAI for a turbo Saturn Sky or Pontiac Solstice for as little as $120, or less than $200, search Amazon or Google these part numbers.

B071KWWCVW - The CAI kit mentioned in this post from eBay, but from Amazon (the MAF tube they provide will cause CEL because it's just a bit too large, the filter is decent but I decided to upgrade) $85
B07MHMSNDN - The necessary KIMISS MAF Tube that matches the factory MAF sampling tube almost perfectly but just a bit larger $22
B01LYEAYQS - 3" Optional coupler if you cut the CAI supplied tube in half, and use a 3" tube to use as an extension for the filter (don't buy this if you buy the below). $10

Optional method (total becomes about $200):
B004AJ34AU - Optional 22 degree 3" aluminum elbow for filter/extension $25
B085XX9NY3 - Optional 22 degree 3" silicone coupler for extension from MAF tube $19
B00063096Q - Optional K&N RX-4750 filter with 3" flange and an ideal shape for the OEM airbox/hood area. Has mounting point on end that you can tie into OEM mount point for airbox with the bar provided in the CAI kit. This filter has a much larger surface area than OEM or the CAI kit. $49
B07KBWGVVV - 10x 3"/75-90mm SS hose clamps for $10

I bet the other CAI solutions are probably great, and also use this little increasing taper tube or internal fin trick to keep airflow stable and accurate. If you don't want to deal with home brew, get the RPM, Hahn, or DDM ones. And if you think the stock OEM airbox is fine, keep it. However I can now have the rear tires slip quite a bit more than before in 2nd, and even 3rd in the cold. It may not increase peak HP, but it does make daily driving even more fun. It's medium noisy with the K&N, the Spectre filter in this CAI was noisy AF. OEM is too quiet subjectively.

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(yes I now realize I was holding it backwards)
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