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I got a call this morning from our salesperson; she said that a GM rep was in town with a green demo Sky for the morning.

My wife and I just ran over to drive it, when we got there, they had a silver pearl as well! So we got to compare the green and silver pearl right next to each other -- and we STILL can't decide what color to order!

This is the first time we'd actually been in the car. The exhaust note is great, the steering is nice and tight, the clutch is a breeze to use, shifter is good, and the driving position suits both me (6'2") and my wife (5'2"). I decided just to drive it around the lot rather than take it out on the open road; the road in front of the dealer is in a TERRIBLE state of construction and I felt uneasy about driving it through the gravel and construction equipment.

The silver pearl is the first car the dealer ordered, but it got held up for the chrome wheels and red leather. I guess it JUST got delivered. It was going to be the demo model, but dealer had ordered another demo in the meantime so he's selling this one. If anyone is looking for a silver pearl, manual, chrome wheels, black and red leather, manual, monsoon, and XM, PM me and I'll give you the details. (Don't know I can post the location here or not . . .?) They are charging sticker plus a $390 "Environmental Package", whatever that is.
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