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Hi All!

Just saw the sky for the first time at my local dealer- they had a sneak preview for one day. It was amazing in person. The only draw back for me was where the roof attaches to the windshield and along side the seats there was a kind of nasty detail with the black rubber gaskets or whatever to form a weather tight seal. All the pictures don't have these gaskets, it just looked like pvc or something hanging off of the model. The guy said it was a preproduction model- has saturn worked out this detail so you don't see this when the top is down or will this always be there?

Also- what to do with the radio antenna? It doesn't retract and looks kinda weird on the back. I never listen to the radio and the guy said i could simply unscrew the antenna, but can you cover up the attachment so it's not open to the elements?

Thanks! :)
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