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Update On Sale Of My Sky...

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I don't know if you recall, but a few weeks ago I put my Sky up for sale. I wasn't initially as "enthused" as I thought I would be... I've had some decent offers, but I just couldn't do it. I've been driving her alot more since the sun has been shining, and I'm really beginning to enjoy her more and more. I have decided to keep her and drive the heck out of her.... meanwhile, I'm #1 on the list at my dealership for a Redline. The dealership was SOOOO fantastic through everything. I called several times while I was trying to decide what to do and they always took time to listen and offer suggestions. Saturn is honestly the best customer-service-oriented dealership I've ever seen. I'm thrilled to death now, and I'm currently trying to decide what color I'd like on my RL.... It's good to be back and I hope you all are enjoying your rides!
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Good for you, enjoy the ride, and happy waiting on the RL!
So, are you gonna take it to the "Tail of the Dragon" to really enjoy it? :cheers:
The Sky grows on you.

I find that unlike some other cars I have owned in which the "bloom fades rather quickly from the rose", I like this car and everything about it more and more, each time I take it out for a spin. The more I get familiar with it the more I love it. This time GM hit a home run!
I am so glad to hear this.
I have always been Mr. Practical. Once I felt I was gonna do something new a different. I'd never had a :cool: car. I am not a speed freak but I love the looks and the drive of a sporty car. I saw the SKY - fell in love.
I am DYING to drive it and dream of it at night. But, will I really like it?
The more I read the more I feel I will love it at first; drive it everywhere -- have it fade a bit, but I think it will be like my motorcycle was, the vehicle I want to drive and "get away" in. My wife is begining to plan more "driving" weekends and I feel we will really have fun, taking the long way!

So it IS like Heroin! (Start with a little, build up a resistance -- then you gotta have it!!)
I'm glad that you are having more fun with her!:cheers:
Good to hear you're enjoying it more!

I've also found that the more I drive mine, the more I love it!

My wife just got a new VUE and always wants to go places in it. I always try to come up with some excuse to take both cars. Twice as much gas, but more than twice as much fun. :)
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