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VIDEO - SKY Top Operation!!!

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I ran this by Brentil and it was deemed "safe to post" :willy: so here it is...

Here is the link where you can download the videos. They are too big to be uploaded to this post... :banghead:

SKy Top Operation Document


:willy: S.D. :willy:
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reedred said:
I was reading about that, but it's the roof latch that's getting damaged. If the latch is in the closed position when stowed, it sticks out far enough that the trunk will come down and bend it. Several of the leaks appeared to be related to bending of the latch, either by the owner or by the dealer before delivery.
Thanks for the clarification, ReedRed.
achieftain said:
Only thing I would add based upon sol owners with multiple ups and downs of tops that most latch the front of top to header before latching the AFBTS. Consider the operation when you access the trunk only, the AFBTS come up with the opening of the trunk, you close the trunk and then latch the AFBTS. If you stuck to the SKy official procedure it would imply that you should loosen the top when accessing the trunk as they want the AFBTS secured prior to the front header. Also pressing down in center of front of trunk makes the trunk latch easier than pressing on either side where the 3M tape is under the AFBTS. And closing the trunk with the top already latched at front (as in only accessing the trunk) is easier than catching the fabric if the top is not all the way up.
My owners manual for my Sol has an addendum on the closing of the top which changes the procedure to:
1. Open the trunk
2. Put the top up
3. Latch top to the header
4. Close trunk lid
5. Push down the AFBTS
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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