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vin number received

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got my full vin number monday whats next. they said the car was being inspected
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Got my vin 10 days ago...Then was told it went to Carrier, But they really have no idea when it will get here, or ship. And when it gets invoiced that still does not mean they will find it.....Good Luck
they told me its out in the lot getting inspected its been over 5 days just to inspect it. dam.
Congrats!on the VIN. You're close now.:thumbs: When did you order?
ordered on march 12 same day I got my image and they actually called in to the factory while I was stil at the dealership.
WOW! that was fast. I havnt ordered yet, and I cant get my Sky until July or August, I hope it doesn't come that quick!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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