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WCKCC June Tahoe meet: Attendance & Activity Interest (vote for all that apply)

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West Coast Kappa Car Club June Tahoe Meet

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The West Coast Kappa Car Club [] is pleased to present our next event...

Event Dates:
June 16, 17, 18 2006​
Lake Tahoe

Image courtesy Lakeland Village
Group rate Lodging:
link to: Lakeland Village Resort
800-822-5969 or 530-544-1685

Image courtesy Lakeland Village
  • 3 Studio rooms with Fireplace & Kitchen $129 +tax/night
  • 21 One bedroom suites with Fireplace & Kitchen $159 +tax/night
  • Compare with AAA rates for the same weekend:
    • $147.92 (studio AAA rate) versus group rate of $129
    • $181.97 (suite AAA rate) versus group rate of $159
  • Mention "West Coast Kappa Car Club" [WCKCC] when you call to make your reservations.
  • Our reserved block of rooms will be held until May 23. After that, the unclaimed rooms will be returned to general availability.
  • Group rate deadline June 6! The group rate can still be had until 10 days before the event, if rooms are still available.
  • As of this writing, the resort had an availability of about 40 Suites, so you can get a group rate, even if you're not one of the first 20 to respond, but early booking is the best way to get the group rate.
Preliminary & Possible Events:
  • Cable Car grand opening at Squaw Valley (technically, they open on Friday June 16, but we'll be there on Sat June 17)

    Image courtesy Squaw Valley USA
  • Pop in briefly at the Celtic Solstice Festival in Squaw Valley Saturday June 17 (open 2 to 7 pm)
    4th Annual Celtic Solstice Celebration in the Village:
    In celebration of the longest day of the year, enjoy FREE Celtic entertainment from 2 to 7 PM. Storytelling, harps, bagpipes and dancing. A benefit for the Boys & Girls Club.
  • Business meeting Saturday evening in the Sugar Pine room on the third floor of the main lodge.

Image courtesy Lakeland Village
Probable Itinerary:
  • Saturday morning around the lake going to the East, then North
  • Lunch in Truckee
  • Drive short distance to Squaw Valley
  • Cable car or Celtic Solstice Festival (maybe both)
  • Return around west side of lake
  • Business meeting Saturday night
  • May not have anything planned for Sunday morning except a breakfast--folks may want to start their trips home. (Please respond to the survey to help us gauge Sunday interest.)
Registration Forms:
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Tahoe Sky WCKCC Meet

We are getting close. Please visit and download your registration forms. This will be a great trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Remember to download your membership applications when you visit our websight, and ave on your registration.
See you there.:party:

If you have not visited the West Coast Kappa Car Club site yet, check it out. There is a lot of information there, (pictures and videos of past event, schedule of upcoming events, etc.). We are still adding content to the site, but we are off to a good start. Members will be asked to vote on our logo soon.
Thank you for your support!
Come on guys, we are getting close. Send in your registration forms. This event is going to be a blast. Cruising with the top down around Lake Tahoe, ahhhhhhhh.........:cool:

There's still some rooms available. See the following thread for details:
I need a head count. For all who have not yet sent in your registration forms, please do so. You can download the forms at:

I look forward to seeing you there.
Discount deadline is upon us! Rooms still available...

Yup, I know how it goes. You see something posted, it's a ways out, and then by the time you remember to check back, the deadlines are past.

Well, the deadlines are not yet past, and there are still a few rooms available.

As of this writing, they still have suites. If you're thinking about joining us, now's the time. The discount deadline is June 6, tomorrow.
Sounds like it will be great. Looking forward to the photo album.
Bumpguy said:
Anyone else very familiar with the route around Lake Tahoe?

Wherever it is... let's be SLY, or AGRESSIVE if needed, about finding a MYSTERIOUS location for some COOl pics of our beautiful PURE, DEEP blue lake that will make every other region ENVIOUS of our locale. :)

Thank you for thoughts on this matter. I would love for us to be able to have great photo opportunities. Admittedly I am not real familiar with the Tahoe area. The Crimson Avenger is taking the lead on this event. He will be drafting the itinerary. I think he would be willing to defer to your intimacy with the Tahoe area and allow you to be the point man.

We are getting close guys and gals. This is a historic meeting. This will be the first West Coast Kappa Car Club event where we will be joined by our Kappa brethren, the Saturn Sky. I look forward to this club growing into a strong viable organization that will stand the test of time. You can all say that you were there when......
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