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Are you interested in attending the West Coast Kappa Invitational in April 2021?

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Hi folks,

Some of you may have seen this in a couple of western Kappa club groups on Facebook. I'll be trying to spread the word in the others but wanted to share here as well.

A conversation on one of those groups, and the loss of NASSAM 2020 and delay of the West Coast NASSAM, inspired me to propose a West Coast Kappa Invitational for next spring. Hopefully weather will be friendly and the pandemic will be less harmful to people and car club events.

The current plan is for the weekend of April 16-19, with a base somewhere near Garberville, California. The Avenue of the Giants , a 31 mile stretch of old Hwy 101 along over 501k acres of redwood groves, will be a highlight of the weekend, and we'll try to find some other fun drives along the coast and elsewhere as well as a safe gathering somewhere.

We plan for this to be an official West Coast Kappa Car Club run, and we will be following developments with the pandemic and California travel restrictions before making a hard commitment to the dates. I would expect to tie things down by Christmas if not before. We welcome any other Kappa drivers, especially those in our neighboring West Coast clubs from the WCKC down to Phoenix.

Feel free to join the event on Facebook above, or follow this post, and we'll keep you updated and gratefully receive any suggestions or questions in any of these locations. We'll also have a page on the website in the near future with details as they develop.
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