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Found this on the Solstice Forum. Called a fraternity brother and we're going- I did one of these in college with another fraternity brother and we had a blast! He burned out the clutch in his MR2 just after we reached the (only) checkpoint in Vermont, then we limped all the way back to Albany in 4th gear and somehow still managed to take the second place trophy!

I know this kinda conflicts with the New Hope excursion, but I can't make that due to time commitments and distance from Long Island. I don't want to step on any toes, but I figured I'd just throw it out there and see if anyone else was interested in attending.

The weather forecast so far is chilly but dry. If it ends up raining, we'll probably still go, but in a beat-up Honda Accord.

TurboMike said:

TimeSpeedDistance rally on a Saturday night, 11/18/06. Registration from 5 to 6:30, drivers meeting at 6:30, first car off at 7pm. Cars leave in 1 minute invtervals from your car number, so first come first start. Should be about 2-4 hours (usually 3ish). You need TWO people (driver and navigator) and a nightlight (so the nav can read the directions), and $20 per car ($10 each). Recommended: a pen, something to write on on the nav's lap (like a clipboard), a basic calculator (or a nav who likes math), and a watch/clock with seconds that you can easily reset to the rallymaster's time. Rally computers, GPS systems, and lights above headlight level not allowed. Trophys for the winners of each class.

What is it? A TimeSpeedDistance (TSD) rally has an "average speed" that you should follow through the rally. Its set BELOW the speed limit. The rally instructions are very tricky and you're looking for stuff at night (ie: make 3rd left after the word "STRINGS", or make second acute right, etc) so you're going to make a few bad turns. After you figure out you're in the wrong place you have to backtrack to the correct turn without getting lost, then speed up to get back to your "average speed" (where you would be if you didnt get lost). There are hidden signs along the course you need to mark down, and hidden checkpoints where you pull over and they record what time you came in. Points are given for every second early or late to each checkpoint, and for each sign missed or put out of order. Lowest points win.

So questions like "is this illegal" "dude this is awesome I'm gona go 175mph" "wont we all get arrested" are silly since thats not what the rally is about. Some people do it in minivans with their kids in the backseat helping look for turns. Some people show up in AWD cars with CB radios and big foglights. If you make a wrong turn or get lost, its up to you if you choose you catch up slowly and safely and risk hitting a checkpoint and getting lots of points, or if you drive like an ass and risk getting pulled over by a cop or taking risks so you can make up time as quickly as possible and get a better score. There will be mostly twisty hilly backroads where you probably will never see a cop, but they are also public roads and you take any risks on your own. I can guaranty you will enjoy them a lot more in a sports car "taking a few risks" than a minivan full of kids tho. The roads are a blast usually including some dirt and gravel roads.
Anyone else in?
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