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I picked up a 2007 Sky with 14,000 miles. It has a Hahn turbo and K1S single exhaust. I've been sorting it out as most used cars can be neglected. I changed just about all the fluids - transmission, differential, brake/clutch, and power steering fluids. The turbo was leaking oil so it got new bearings and O-rings.

The car came with a chrome stubby antenna that was not the best when out of the metro areas so I got a 31" from Autozone.

The stock tires tread was was twice the height of the wear bars and hard as a hockey puck in the rain. With snow season right around the corner the Pilot Alpin snow tires went on the chrome wheels. Also picked up a set of B&G lowering springs and will have it aligned this week after about 500 miles of settling.

I bought a GM tonneau cover for it and have it stretched out in the spare bedroom. That'll go in the spring.

Currently plumming coolant to the turbo and will relocate the power steering pump away from the turbo heat.

But I have to have it so I can put it all back together for the last couple of top down days!

very cool, mine is having Turbo installation completed at RPM in Arizona. unfortunately the virus has it hard there so it might be awhile. If it was here I would be driving it. Has anyone else on here had an RPM turbo put on their 2.4 ? Interested in how it turned out.
3841 - 3845 of 3845 Posts