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What happened to Gravana Tuning ??

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I finally decided that I just had to have a set of the 19" J2 Mesh Staggered Wheels from Gravana, BUT it seems that nobody's home.:banghead:
For a week (that I know of) their phone goes to voicemail saying that they are "installing a new phone system, and to leave a message. They will return the call ASAP"
And e-mails bounce back with a message saying: "The company had been sold, and is currently under re-acquisition by the founder. As you can understand, we are experiencing some difficulty during the transition."

So, wondering if anyone has heard anything concrete about this, or when they may be back in business ??

It's really hard to find Staggered wheels for our cars.:mad:
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I Hear Ya

They have been installing a new phone system for 2 years ...good luck.
If I'm not wrong: Urbanworx bought Gravana.
Sure looks like it. They can't be TOO interested in Kappa sales or they would have redirected the old URL to the new one.
Urbanworks did buy Gravana, and they did re-direct the URL, but now nothing is going on there. Seems like they went bye bye, and the website will likely remain active till their service providor realizes the bills are not being paid.

My guess is they are another casualty of the tough economic times.
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