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What would you have done if GM never offered the Sky?

  • Would've bought a Solstice, then.

    Votes: 10 24.4%
  • I would've bought another 2-seat convertible that costs more (Z4/Honda S2k/Corvette)

    Votes: 10 24.4%
  • I would've bought the only other low cost convertible available, NOT a solstice

    Votes: 2 4.9%
  • I would've bought another FWD car, SUV, or Truck

    Votes: 3 7.3%
  • I would have bought a RWD sedan or other RWD car

    Votes: 4 9.8%
  • I'm buying I would not have bought a new vehicle altogether - just keep driving what I have

    Votes: 8 19.5%
  • I'm buying a Solstice, just wanted to see what the poll looks like.

    Votes: 4 9.8%

WHAT IF they never made the Sky?

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Just a "what if" scenario, for interest. Do not count this as rumor!!! :lol:

Just interested in what would have happened if the Solstice was the only Kappa available. You've still seen the VX lightning, the Curve and Nomad, none of which appear to be in the lineup to be built. What if they showed the Sky (as a North American interpretation Concept based off the VX lightning), but also announced that they would not be building it. FURTHERMORE, they never gave any indications that they ever intended to build it (taking away the argument that they started something but never finished it).

AGAIN, this is merely for interest, AFAIK, they are still on track for producing the Sky. I'm getting at those that would have preferred the Sky and wished it were produced, but would "settle" for a Solstice, or those that would have chosen another car in the same class...

I hope this makes sense.
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I have to admit, I love my Tibby and I have decided that I'm going to keep it anyway.
I'd have ended up with a used SLK-230 or something. Perhaps the Miata but it's my second choice.
My original interest was in the Solstice. I just liked what they did with the SKY better.
I first read something about the Sky about a year ago, and just remembered about it yesterday when I saw an ad for it...until yesterday, I had planned to sell my DeLorean and buy a 93-95 Viper RT/10. I think the Sky will be a better daily driver though (I still plan to get the Viper at some time...I've loved that car ever since I laid eyes on the prototype when I was about 9 or so...). I like the Solstice too, but I like the styling on the Sky better.
as hiddious

yes as hiddious as people say it is. I would have gone for the pt cruiser convertable, I really like it oh it would be Gt. 220 hp turbo :lol:
As it is, the SKy is looking more iffy than it did, so for me it's a real issue which I will deal with sooner or later as I will continue to drive a roadster until they pry it from my dead cold fingers.
I expect I'll hold onto what I have til something nice comes along which meets most of what I want in a roadster (e.g. design, head and legroom, sufficient power, performance and handling, adequate trunk space, yada-yada).
I had hoped that the Sky Redline might be that roadster, but I dunno. I'll wait and see.
If not, it could be the 2008 model year Volkswagen Concept R roadster or the 2009 redesigned Z4....
I never thought about a 2 seat roadster until the Sky cameout. I am diehard loyal Saturn owner, so chances are if they did not make a roadster I would not buy one. The really kewl thing is that they did not make just a "roadster" they made the Sky.
i was going to get a rx8 till i decided on this or a older mg b or a
At first it would've been the Mini cooper S convertible, but at one point over the summer I did break down and almost buy an SLK.

I am really looking forward to the Sky because of styling. I find the Solstice too plain looking and if I want plain looking, then I would opt for the slightly larger trunk.
mhw745 said:
I am really looking forward to the Sky because of styling. I find the Solstice too plain looking and if I want plain looking, then I would opt for the slightly larger trunk.

If I wasn't after a brand new Saturn Sky Red Line...
I think I would have went with Nissan and the Altima SER!
Just keep my car. Although I did have a "Vette" in mind!
Count me in for buying the Solstice. However, I just may change my mind when I see a Sky in the flesh. Everything counts - exterior and interior. If I love the Sol's exterior and the Sky's interior, then it is going to be a tough, tough decision. Then again, if I love the Sky's exterior and interior, then it won't be a tough decision.

I've seen the Solstice in the flesh and I think it is the best looking car I've seen for under $50,000 in the past 30-35 years. Now I need to see a Sky to see if I like it better or not. Gotta keep an open mind. I love the Sky's calssy red-on-black interior on a bright red car - or maybe a white or silver car. I'll have to see.

I'm 90% Solstice/ 10% Sky right now, but I sure haven't made up my mind yet.
My top choice would have been to lease an SLK350... but That would still have been expensive, given the service costs, insurance, etc. I am also interested in the mid-engine RWD VW Concept R.
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