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While we are Jacking a SKY. . . .

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I have been thinking about painting the brake calipers on my car. There are a number of products out there and that is not the problem. However, getting under the SKY is. If I use the epoxy style paint I'd need to get all 4 wheels off and ready to paint before mixing....
Hmmmm... I never really took all 4 wheels off at the same time. Jack stands would work?
What is a good jack to raise the car so stands could be put under it?
I am not a mechanic so I own ZERO. . . Not looking to buy a lot of stuff as I have little room to keep it...
Ideas? Suggestions??
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painting calipers

use this link...scroll will help...what i understand is that the front tires...u can use a regular hydraulic jack...but the rear tires needs something supplemental...i am attaching a link for you and good luck
So the key is the lifting pads...?:confused:
Rick Tinley Park said:
So the key is the lifting pads...?:confused:

I was on the Corvette forum today doing some homework on the lifting pads or "hocky pucks" as they are called. Actually real hocky pucks can be used. (Sports Authority...about a buck each) Drill a hole in the center of the puck and screw in an eye bolt. This eye bolt fits into the rectangular shaped hole in the center of the Sky's lift points. Twist it 1/2 turn and it locks in place. Or you can go to a BMW dealer and get part number 51 71 1 960 752 (number needs all those spaces as shown) for $7.20 each and they work perfectly on the Corvette and from what I hear, on the Sky...I'll see tomorrow when I get them. I found out thay my hydraulic floor jack won't work on the sky because the car is too low to fit the jack under it. they make super low profile floor jacks for this purpose, (Sears @ $100) but a much less expensive manually operated sissor jack does the trick nicely. I hope my post doesn't get deleted because
maybe...someday...a paid vendor will have these items for sale !!!!!
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Ok.... i am going to be painting my calipers soon also.... BUT.... what is the safest way to do it????...... and.... how the heck do i get the tires off??? is there a SAFE place to lift this road-hugging baby??????... UGH...SkyBaby-07
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