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Earlier today I was busy unpacking the garage after our move while my wife was out walking the dogs when my cell rang. Answer it and its my wife telling me a green sky just drove by! I'm running thru the house looking for my keys as I ask where shes at. I was excited not only to have the chance to meet another sky owner but because I have yet to see another sky on the road.

she tells me she's about 3 blocks away and what direction the sky is headed. She said they appeared that they didn't know exactly where they were going as they were driving very slow. I locked my sky into first and took off!

my neighborhood is a maze of side streets and residential area so I had alot of ground to cover quick as the direction they were heading was also the direction to the on ramp to the freeway. I drove around for about 15 minutes and could not find them. :nonod: maybe they made it to the onramp before I could catch up or maybe the live nearby and parked in the garage already.

in either case... If that was you.. please post!!!!!!!!!!
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