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Since the very successful Solstice Rally and Club Founders Meet in early November, the Interim Board of Directors has been working on creating a first class club. This entails drafting and adopting the "WCKCC - West Coast Kappa, (Solstice/Sky/Opal), Car Club's", Mission Statement, Vision and Bylaws. Club's Governing Values/Code of Ethic, Club Charter, looking into Liability Insurance and creating a website. At our next meeting, we will be electing our Governing Body. Are you willing to serve?
We have considered many locations and venues for our next Club Meeting. Finding accommodations that were clean, affordable, hospitable, available and able to handle a group this large was difficult. Agreeing on a location that was convenient to the majority of our members & potential members posed the greatest challenge. Our Club events will be in your backyard soon. This early in the WCKCC's formation made it necessary to be somewhat centrally located. Making sure there was fun, scenic drives close by was a must.

Here we go... (Drum Roll...)
We will hold the next WCKCC event President's Day Weekend 2006, Feb. 17th, 18th & 19th, at the Ventura
The Sheraton Four Points will rope off the front of their hotel for all our cars, 40-50?
The Group rate will be $109.00. Continental breakfast included. I have blocked 40 rooms so reserve quickly. You will be able to reserve at this rate by calling after January 3rd. and mentioning the West Coast Kappa Car Club.
We will have the guys from Kappasphere there showing off their performance products and giving us some tech tips.
We have some great runs planned from Carpenteria, on the twisty/turny Hwy 150, past Lake Casitas, down Santa Ana Rd to Hwy 33, detour on Creek Rd to Ojai for lunch. After lunch, we head back on the 150 to Santa Paula. We turn around in Santa Paula back onto Hwy 150. From there we take a couple of detour for more twists and turns on either Sulfur Springs Rd and or Polly Rd. Then back down to Hwy 150 into Ojai again. We catch Hwy 33 in Ojai and take that right back down to Ventura for dinner and our meeting. There will be some fun options for Sunday, but I will leave that for later.
Go to the Pacific/Regional/Club area to cast and take our poll. We need to know by January 26th! Poll will close.

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Itinerary and Pics/links of drives planed

A lot of us did not have our Solstices yet when we went to the first club event.
Here is a like to the route planed for the West Coast Kappa Car Club event in Feb.
The first link is Hwy 150. We are going to do the trip in the reverse direction than described in this link.
We will leave from Ventura and head up the 101 Fwy to Hwy 150, just before Carpenteria. From there, we will head West up into the hills and along side Lake Casitas, (great photo opportunities). Instead of continuing on Hwy 150 into Ojai, we will take a detour to avoid the mundane stretch of the 150 and enjoy some tree lined twists and turns on Santa Rosa Rd, to Hwy 33. We will spend just a very short on the 33 until we get to Creek Rd, for some more out of the way cruising. We will reconnect with the 150 in Ojai. There we will stop for lunch. We have arranged to have a fabulous meal at one of, if not the best restaurants in the area, (Suzanne's). We have the whole restaurant reserved with a special menu just for us. I will post a poll later so you can choose your meal in advance. We will have a choice of four different entrees. It will be all-inclusive. It would be crazy to have separate checks for 50 couples. For $25 will get your entree, beverage, desert, tax and tip included. It might seem a little expensive to some, but for a dining experience at Suzanne’s, and to have the whole place to ourselves, it is a deal.
Ok, back to the drive. From Ojai, we will continue on Hwy 150, (which is full of twists, turns and straight always), to Santa Paula. We will turn around in Santa Paula and reverse course on the 150. There are a couple of nice offshoots from the 150 we could take, (Sulfur Mountain Rd & Polly Rd). Once back on Hwy 150, we will head back towards Ojai and catch Hwy 33. We will head down the 33 back to Ventura. I will try to make dinner reservation for a light dinner. The reservations will probably be for a much smaller crowd because some will want to do dinner on their own. Our meeting will be Saturday evening about 7:00 PM.
Below you will find links to the Sheraton Hotel, Suzanne’s, the different drives planed.
Later I will post maps for each leg of the drives.

Remember: We are not following this route exactly.

Hwy 150 link;

Santa Rosa Rd/Creek Rd;

Sulfur Mountain Rd;

Sheraton Four Points Ventura;

Suzanne’s Cuisine;

Optional Sunday trip for some;
Leg #1

Leg #2

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