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YESS! Mine is now Ordered!

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I just got a call from my salesman and he told me they received an image on my order and gave me the order ID#! Said they are expecting to get theirs in the next couple of weeks, but they are performing vigorous quality control/testing on them to shake out the bugs and fix any issues before they ship any out. Long story short, he thinks I should be getting mine mid-April to early May! :thumbs:
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Congrats!!!!!! A big:thumbs:
Welcome to our Sit An Wait (SAW) club!:cheers: :lol: :D
UGH... i am just waiting..... :banghead: SkyBaby-07
Herd the polar cap is going to play out on us. They got R1's out the hiney at the local bike shop. If our time in the next twenty is this precious. It should be easy to see the best choice. If your planing on spending it waiting for the object of your material lust. Have at it.
It's the beer talk'in the smack not me.
Live now. BS with all this wait , wait , stuff.
10geets gets me the freak ride that can still scare & leaves me 15k to look for land above 200 ft sea level for jr.
With the polar ice caps melting I have some seashore property for sale here in Huntsville. :lol: Skip...:cool:
If you got'a do it. Buy a Sol. BS with the line. Roll it like it has a disposable front end. If it comes down to it & you end up eating a little Kapa tin crunch. On goes the look that started this quest. ( Sky front clip)
Took the Gixer out for the first time in a month. No need for the R1 other than the newbie thing.
Bust out level is 200 ft. Planing the wild west whore house for when the cops get too buisy at a hunerd or so. Probably around Conroe. The idea of the moment of collapse. Like the one ice cube left in the glass is easy to see. Just ain't me.
While we think of things to come. What about booting the top all together. If it's your 2nd 0r 3rd choice out the box. Your not planing on rolling it on scetchy days anyway right?.
(reference to the no cargo room excuse to not live it)
Just saw the Alabama giz. Huntsville tx is around 90 miles north of the big H.
Oh lord, got a couple left to drink.
Newest of the new is great & all. But what about seeing em all in a line & then picking your color. I picked over about ten trucks in acceptable colors. Still missed some body misfit gayness. If the I want to drive it first puts you a year back in the line. I bet they'd really go *** if you said you wanted to wash it first.
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