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Got a car show coming up the 14th of September. It is in a great little town called Dwight IL. Well I have been there few times in the past when my daughter was in marching band. Every year they'd perform in the towns Harvest Fest. This year YLO SKY 1 will be in their Car Show.
Since it had been a while - I decided to take a test run (nice ride). Well, I also decided to take the back roads and skip the interstate. Good choice!
I managed to map a route and discovered that a good section of the ride would be on IL53/US66... Yeah Route 66, the Mother Road. What a cool trip!
The road is in great condition as it is still the main road between many little towns. Unfortunately, like many Illinois roads it is straight, not many twisties. But still what a rush. There are historic buildings, gardens, and even a streetcar bar along the route. The final 6 miles is a stretch of road that parallels I-55 the road that killed RT66 in Illinois. It is two-lane nearly empty. The limit is 55 (yeah – right) and as I whipped along at 75 I was passing those cars driving that boring concrete RT55.... Then with a turn or two I was in Dwight. :cool:
The town is a show place. We noticed that everyone had washed their cars and parked them out front... But, there were no people! We drove around till we found Renfrew Park, where the car show will be. It is a huge town park and it seemed every townsperson was there, grilling – playing BINGO or just tossing a Frisbee.
After we explored a bit, we headed home the way we came. We were beeped – given :thumbs: even the gas station clerk said “Awesome car, Mister!” Bikers gave the :thumbs: and even a 1968 Camero driver told me Sunni was SWEET! (I know that already.)
Downside is an upside. YLO SKY 1 was gnawing on bugs and now she needs a bath... Bad – but good too!
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